Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Book of Dip
The Book of Dip
the exciting, long-awaited autobiography
of Floyd "Dipper" Garrison


"Oh! what a life it’s been. Hold on tight, and let me tell you a story!"

Meet Floyd "Dipper" Garrison, a man who has been up, down, and everywhere in-between. From day one, his existence has been  one of note. Near-death experiences; a mother's tragic death; a promising basketball career dashed by a devastating motorcycle accident; empires built and fortunes made; a rocky marriage repaired miraculously by faith and commitment -- a story indeed! Fiction should be so rich.

In 'The Book of Dip,' discover how God can change a man, a marriage, and much, much more! Be inspired, be enriched, and be amazed.

"What an amazing journey of how God moves in our lives!
Here, Dipper pulls back the curtains of his life to share the good, the bad, and his uncertainty. He shares the disappointments of his young life as an athlete, and moves into the successful adventures of his life and marriage—a love story in itself! Foremost, he shares the boldness of his Christian spiritual

Coach Jerry Moore
Appalachian State Mountaineers

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